Hiking and Biking

The Lac qui Parle Mission and State Park

minnesota lac qui parle mission 1

The Lac Qui Parle Mission provides a glimpse into some of the earliest interactions between the Indians of the Upper Minnesota River area and the first white settlers, including Joseph Renville, who was instrumental in creating a system of writing the Dakota language.

Visiting Isle Royale National Park

isle royale sunset

Located in Lake Superior 20 miles off the coast of the most northern tip of Minnesota, the 50 mile-long, six mile-wide Isle Royale National Park takes some getting to. But once there it offers what the more popular parks don’t – primarily, splendid isolation.

Walking Moose Lake State Park

minnesota moose lake state park marsh

Moose Lake State Park in the early spring: a classic Minnesota walk, a day trip from Duluth or Minneapolis and easy access from I-35. Enjoy a day hike, the woods, wildlife and, in town, a visit to the Blacklock Photography Gallery.